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Superb climbs by Sally and Alex

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

On Sunday Ratae's two finest hill climbers, Sally Maitland and Alex Whitmore, confirmed their quality with excellent times at the UK National Hill Climb Championships at The Struggle hill at Ambleside.

Riding amongst the UK's best hill climb specialists Sally and Alex each posted a solid performance over the 2.67 mile course with 1175 feet of ascent. Their times were:

Alex Whitmore - 15m 42s (102/275)

Sally Maitland - 22m 01s (56/79)

If you wanted any inspiration for the club hill climb this must be it. We hope to see you for the club's final competitive event of the season on November 12th. See the Events page for full details.

Photo credits: Jason Caine and Phil Metcalfe Photography

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