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Ratae's Hathersage weekend

On the 1st of April the Ratae Off-roaders headed up to Derbyshire for a weekend of trail riding. Some of us stayed in Hathersage, and some came up on the morning of the ride to join us.

Day one was a ride over Stanage Edge, taking in the wonderful Derbyshire views, and then down to Redmires reservoirs and along some exciting trails to emerge in Sheffield. After a great cafe stop in the woods, we climbed back into the dales and headed along some fast sandy tracks before returning to Hathersage. Some of us checked out the produce of the local hostelry in the evening.

Day two, was another exciting day. Again we did plenty of climbing and crossed the moors along some very technical trails and found some great water splashes! We ended the day at Grindleford Station Cafe after a very welcome descent.

The weekend involved some great trails, lovely views, good weather, puddles and lots of fun. I think all the riders felt challenged and pushed themselves hard. Derbyshire is definitely the place for the trails!

Watch this space for future trips...

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