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Club Ride Arrangements Reviewed

Organisation and conduct on Club Rides is a regular item for discussion and there have been comments regarding safety recently.

Lucy Sturgess prepared a feedback form and distributed its results ahead of the meeting with 28 responses among the membership.

In response to this feedback and general experience, Rod Thompson reiterated the Committee’s stance that no group on the road should be larger than 8 riders.

There was discussion around wider use of GPS files by ride leaders and members, responsibilities of ride leaders and members to each other on the road, providing clear notice of when others are needed to step in for regular leaders and the use of ‘deputy’ leaders to take on separate groups when numbers require.

The emphasis should be on communication and co-operation to ensure groups are safe and that riders are aware of each other at all times to ensure no one is left alone. There are potentially serious implications of losing someone to fitness, medical or mechanical issues.

It was agreed that:

  • As 68% of members responding to Lucy's survey asked for a GPS file to be available for Wednesday and Sunday club rides, ride leaders are stongly recommended to post their routes on Ratae RC Rides WhatsApp group.

  • Members participating in club rides are strongly recommended to use the GPS files provided. This will allow them to follow a route if detached from the group for any reason or to meet up en route if they are not at the start, and also provide clear instruction of the course of the ride, alongside any instruction from the ride leader.

  • Ride leaders should always be cognisant of how many are in a group and ensure they are kept together and respond if a rider is detached at any stage.

  • Divide any group of more than 8 riders into smaller groups, with a ‘deputy’ leader identified as taking responsibility for other groups.

  • The list of designated ride leaders to be circulated to the Committee. Ride leaders should be made aware of their role and responsibilities (available on the Guides page of this website) and if anyone is to be added to the list, this is by approval of the Committee.

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