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Our history

The origin of the club can be traced back to the start of the second world war.  In 1939, the engineering firm of Mellor Bromley was one of Leicester's leading companies. The Mellor Bromley Cycling Club was formed as a part of the company’s social activity programme.

In 1942 a MBCC member, Norman Yeadon, re-established the club along with riders from another local business, the British United Shoe Machinery Company, renaming the club The Midland Bohemians, This club flourished during the war years and as interest in competitive riding increased the decision was made in 1950 to form a new club, the Ratae Road Club, adopting into its badge the Roman name for Leicester and the Wyvern, an historical emblem of the city. Jim York, still active in 2019 as our time trial starter, was the initial club secretary.

The original club colours were evolved from the early black time trialists jersey into black with diagonal red and green stripes. This jersey was carried to numerous victories by club stars Alan Bland and Denis Oram. Although the current club colours are purple, red and white a special 70th anniversary Founders' Day edition of the original jersey was produced in 2020.

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