Ratae ride retro!

On Monday 30 August a select peloton of Ratae RC members visited Caffe Velo Verde at Screveton, near the A46 in Notts, to join in the Belvoir Retro Ride. This is an event for enthusiasts and owners of classic bikes to admire pre-2000 machinery and ride in the Vale of Belvoir but is welcoming to anyone who only possesses a modern cycle.

The Ratae was well represented in the classics stakes with the following bikes:

Natalie - Colnago Master Olympic

Sylvia - Sarto Rovigo

Alf - Dawes Galaxy

Ruthie - Cougar

Lucy - DeRosa Professional

Peter K - Colnago Super

Rod C - DeRosa Primato

Andy - Colnago X Light

Peter R - Raleigh MTrax 6000R

Sally M - Condor

Kam also rode with the group but, with Founders Day still in the memory, wisely chose one of his 21st century machines!

Following an enjoyable ride around the Vale, with a couple of climbs up the Belvoir edge, all fifty riders returned to Caffe Velo Verde for food and drinks where they were well looked after by Bill and Vinny and the staff (I've been there many times, well worth a visit).

At the end of the day Andy, Kam, Ruthie, Alf, both Peters and Lucy rode back to Leicester (chapeaux!).

Thanks to Natalie for the photos and details above.

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